Good Moods Follow Good Food. It was while holding this belief that Dong Ting Chun first brought its authentic Hunan cuisine to America in 2006. The food you'll find at our many restaurants now is among the best in Chinese the U.S. has to offer. We prefer using ingredients sourced from local organic farms, and our chefs are masters of Hunan-style cooking - trained to hold the highest standards for food quality and consistent taste.

Our first Dong Ting Chun Restaurant opened in San Gabriel, California in 2006, as one of the pioneering Chinese restaurants in the U.S featuring authentic food from the renowned Hunan province. Shortly after, our restaurant was featured in Jonathan Gold’s essential column in LA Weekly. D.T.C. earned a reputation as one of the longest standing and most beloved spots for Hunan food in the fiercely competitive San Gabriel Asian food scene. Following that we opened restaurants in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Silicon Valley. All of our restaurants have achieved the same success.

The spicy, savory food we make is equally popular among patrons of all ages. In 2008, we brought our flavor to Las Vegas, and in 2015, to San Diego. With the passage of time, we continually strive to enrich our flavors and maximize our customer experience.

This year, we’re finally bringing our authentic Hunan cuisine to Seattle. We'll strive to elevate all existing services along with a newly designed restaurant environment to provide our best performance yet. An experience dining at Dong Ting Chun will be sure to impress for the wonderful residents of Seattle and the Puget Sound.