Chef's Special

Dong Ting Fish | 洞 庭 过 江 鱼
Newly caught fish from the sea, with all the taste of the ocean, concentrate in one single plate. With diced fresh red chili on the top, a bit of heat is added to the dishes. The freshness of the fish just elevated to another level.
Goden Mutton / Beef Soup | 金 汤 肥 羊/肥 牛
Sliced mutton / beef braised in the soup mixed with Chinese pumpkin, carrot, pepper and pickled cabbage and needle mushroom.
Farmer’s Pork|农 家 小 炒 肉
Stir-fried pork slices with garlic and green pepper. Thin cut pork belly slices easily absorbed all the flavors into the meat. Seasoned with soy sauce and salted soy beans. A top rice killer.
Braised Beef Egg Noodle Soup/Rice Noodle | 红 烧 牛 肉 面(粉)
Braised beef brisket in brown sauce, with house special rice noodles at the bottom. The ultimate flavor of a rich and dreamy noodle soup.

The Origin of Hunan Style Chinese Food